In Property Management, trust means that at Last2 Development we don’t do what is cheapest or easiest for us, but instead, we spend the additional time to act in the best interest of the building. Whether this means going to the building ourselves to see if we can fix a problem before incurring the cost of a contractor or spending the additional time to get to know the Tenant and build a rapport so they are more likely to renew, you can trust us to manage your building as if it were our own building.

 Many Property Management Firms try to reduce overhead to increase profit, especially on a flat fee contract. This is often at the expense of the owner, who pays for a service call to an HVAC company when really a thermostat just needs to be changed over to “cooling”. By going and looking at problems first before dispatching contractors and aggressively bidding contracts, Last2 Development can save you money and reduce operating expenses.  Additionally, Last2 Development’s belief in preventative maintenance on items such as HVAC systems, Elevators, Fire Alarms and other systems allows us to reduce unexpected expenses and reduce the down time of these systems, increasing Tenant satisfaction and retention.

 Lastly, risk mitigation can ensure that the owner is protected. This means making sure that all Tenants and Contractors have updated insurance certificates, Leases are enforced fairly and firmly to ensure Tenant and Landlord obligations are being met. Lastly we make sure that rent is collected in a timely manner, ensuring the expected cash flow is received and that no Tenant falls behind in rent, leading to lost income. This all will culminate in a better result for you, the Owner.  

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